Me versus my own ego

— 1 minute read

There comes a time when going it alone no longer makes any sense. Some of you already know the story, but let me cut to the chase.

I needed to take time out to raise my children after my wife died of cancer. That's still a hard sentence for me to write.

I put everything on hold and focused on them. We did it. Together. With a little help from my friends.

All of the empathy, compassion, and inclusion which the tech world has finally begun to realize is important—and not just to their bottom line—has been part of my daily practice for decades. Still here, still queer.

And though my kids were quite young at the time (3 and 5 years old), they're now fully realized adults and I couldn't be more proud of them. They've been some of my best teachers.

So here I am, wanting to help make the web a more humane place. I know I'm not alone.

Who wants to work with me? (again)